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Title: Differential Cross Sections for the H + D 2 → HD( v ′ = 3, j ′ = 4–10) + D Reaction above the Conical Intersection
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Publication Date:
Journal Name:
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A
Page Range or eLocation-ID:
12036 to 12042
American Chemical Society
Sponsoring Org:
National Science Foundation
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  1. The d electron plays a significant role in determining and controlling the properties of magnetic materials. However, the d electron transitions, especially d– d emission, have rarely been observed in magnetic materials due to the forbidden selection rules. Here, we report an observation of d– d emission in antiferromagnetic nickel phosphorus trisulfides (NiPS 3 ) and its strong enhancement by stacking it with monolayer tungsten disulfide (WS 2 ). We attribute the observation of the strong d– d emission enhancement to the charge transfer between NiPS 3 and WS 2 in the type-I heterostructure. The d– d emission peak splits into two peaks, D 1 and D 2 , at low temperature below 150 K, from where an energy splitting due to the trigonal crystal field is measured as 105 meV. Moreover, we find that the d– d emissions in NiPS 3 are nonpolarized lights, showing no dependence on the zigzag antiferromagnetic configuration. These results reveal rich fundamental information on the electronic and optical properties of emerging van der Waals antiferromagnetic NiPS 3 .