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Title: Rapid gravitational wave parameter estimation with a single spin: Systematic uncertainties in parameter estimation with the SpinTaylorF2 approximation
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Physical Review D
American Physical Society
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Equation error and output error are common formulations used in speed and parameter estimation for induction machines. This paper presents a study of the quality of the estimated speed and parameters using local sensitivity analysis. We studied parameter conditioning as a function of input signals and estimation methodology at nominal speed. Simulation results are used to show that output error formulation is better conditioned than equation error for speed and parameter estimation using PWM and six-step voltage inputs.
  2. In Internet of Things (IoT) applications requiring parameter estimation, sensors often transmit quantized observations to a fusion center through a wireless medium where the observations are susceptible to unauthorized eavesdropping. The fusion center uses the received data to estimate desired parameters. To provide security to such networks, some low complexity encryption approaches have been proposed. In this paper, we generalize those approaches and present an analysis of their estimation and secrecy capabilities. We show that the dimension of the unknown parameter that can be efficiently estimated using an unbiased estimator when using these approaches, is upper bounded. Assuming that anmore »unauthorized eavesdropper is aware of the low complexity encryption process but is unaware of the encryption key, we show successful eavesdropping, even with a large number of observations, is impossible with unbiased estimators and independent observations for these approaches. Numerical results validating our analysis are presented.« less