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Title: Spectrally similar incommensurable 3-manifolds: SPECTRALLY SIMILAR INCOMMENSURABLE 3-MANIFOLDS
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DOI PREFIX: 10.1112
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Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
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411 to 447
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Abstract

    By studying the properties ofq-series$$\widehat{Z}$$Z^-invariants, we develop a dictionary between 3-manifolds and vertex algebras. In particular, we generalize previously known entries in this dictionary to Lie groups of higher rank, to 3-manifolds with toral boundaries, and to BPS partition functions with line operators. This provides a new physical realization of logarithmic vertex algebras in the framework of the 3d-3d correspondence and opens new avenues for their future study. For example, we illustrate how invoking a knot-quiver correspondence for$$\widehat{Z}$$Z^-invariants leads to many infinite families of new fermionic formulae for VOA characters.

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  2. We give several criteria on a closed, oriented 3-manifold that will imply that it is the boundary of a (simply connected) 4-manifold that admits infinitely many distinct smooth structures. We also show that any weakly fillable contact 3-manifold, or contact 3-manifold with non-vanishing Heegaard Floer invariant, is the boundary of a simply connected 4-manifold that admits infinitely many distinct smooth structures each of which supports a symplectic structure with concave boundary, that is there are infinitely many exotic caps for any such contact manifold. 
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