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Title: Stranski–Krastanov InAs/GaAsSb quantum dots coupled with sub-monolayer quantum dot stacks as a promising absorber for intermediate band solar cells
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American Institute of Physics
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Applied Physics Letters
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National Science Foundation
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    It is well known that a quantum circuit on N qubits composed of Clifford gates with the addition of k non Clifford gates can be simulated on a classical computer by an algorithm scaling as poly ( N ) exp ⁡ ( k ) \cite{bravyi2016improved}. We show that, for a quantum circuit to simulate quantum chaotic behavior, it is both necessary and sufficient that k = Θ ( N ) . This result implies the impossibility of simulating quantum chaos on a classical computer. 
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  2. A quantum internet is the holy grail of quantum information processing, enabling the deployment of a broad range of quantum technologies and protocols on a global scale. However, numerous challenges must be addressed before the quantum internet can become a reality. Perhaps the most crucial of these is the realization of a quantum repeater, an essential component in the long-distance transmission of quantum information. As the analog of a classical repeater, extender, or booster, the quantum repeater works to overcome loss and noise in the quantum channels constituting a quantum network. Here the conceptual frameworks and architectures for quantum repeaters, as well as the experimental progress toward their realization, are reviewed. Various near-term proposals to overcome the limits to the communication rates set by point-to-point quantum communication are also discussed. Finally, the manner in which quantum repeaters fit within the broader challenge of designing and implementing a quantum internet is overviewed. 
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