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Title: In vivo noninvasive analysis of graphene nanomaterial pharmacokinetics using photoacoustic flow cytometry: In vivo detection of graphene nanomaterials in mouse blood
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Wiley Blackwell (John Wiley & Sons)
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Journal of Applied Toxicology
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1297 to 1304
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Abstract

    Neurological disorders such as epilepsy arise from disrupted brain networks. Our capacity to treat these disorders is limited by our inability to map these networks at sufficient temporal and spatial scales to target interventions. Current best techniques either sample broad areas at low temporal resolution (e.g. calcium imaging) or record from discrete regions at high temporal resolution (e.g. electrophysiology). This limitation hampers our ability to understand and intervene in aberrations of network dynamics. Here we present a technique to map the onset and spatiotemporal spread of acute epileptic seizures in vivo by simultaneously recording high bandwidth microelectrocorticography and calcium fluorescence using transparent graphene microelectrode arrays. We integrate dynamic data features from both modalities using non-negative matrix factorization to identify sequential spatiotemporal patterns of seizure onset and evolution, revealing how the temporal progression of ictal electrophysiology is linked to the spatial evolution of the recruited seizure core. This integrated analysis of multimodal data reveals otherwise hidden state transitions in the spatial and temporal progression of acute seizures. The techniques demonstrated here may enable future targeted therapeutic interventions and novel spatially embedded models of local circuit dynamics during seizure onset and evolution.

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