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Title: Quantum Properties of Dichroic Silicon Vacancies in Silicon Carbide
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American Physical Society
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Journal Name:
Physical Review Applied
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National Science Foundation
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  2. The growth in computational ability over the past decades has positively impacted global development, the economy, healthcare, and science. As on-chip components are approaching the atomic scale, alternative paradigms are needed to address the thermal and electronic issues that impose bottlenecks for computing. One approach to address this is with optoelectronics. However, silicon—the backbone of microelectronics—is a poor choice due to its indirect bandgap, while existing optoelectronic materials are incompatible with CMOS infrastructure. Monolayer silicon nanosheets (SiNSs) are an intriguing material that exhibit photoluminescence, and are compositionally-compatible with the CMOS process. Here, we synthesize and characterize monolayer SiNSs, and show spectroscopic evidence that they exhibit a quasi-direct bandgap, which is corroborated by DFT calculations. We probe their thermal stability, demonstrating their structure and photoluminescence are stable beyond the required operating temperatures for computing applications. These optoelectronic properties, CMOS-compatibility, and stability make SiNSs a viable candidate for silicon-based photonics. 
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