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Title: Quantitative 3D imaging of cell level auxin and cytokinin response ratios in soybean roots and nodules: quantitative imaging of auxin and cytokinin
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Plant, Cell & Environment
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National Science Foundation
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  1. We introduce perturbative spatial frequency domain imaging (p-SFDI) for fast two-dimensional (2D) mapping of the optical properties and physiological characteristics of skin and cutaneous microcirculation using spatially modulated visible light. Compared to the traditional methods for recovering 2D maps through a pixel-by-pixel inversion, p-SFDI significantly shortens parameter retrieval time, largely avoids the random fitting errors caused by measurement noise, and enhances the image reconstruction quality. The efficacy of p-SFDI is demonstrated byin vivoimaging forearm of one healthy subject, recovering the 2D spatial distribution of cutaneous hemoglobin concentration, oxygen saturation, scattering properties, the melanin content, and the epidermal thickness over a large field of view. Furthermore, the temporal and spatial variations in physiological parameters under the forearm reactive hyperemia protocol are revealed, showing its applications in monitoring temporal and spatial dynamics.