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Title: Streaming Periodicity with Mismatches. APPROX-RANDOM 2017: 42:1-42:21
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Mattoon, C.M. ; Vogt, R. ; Escher, J. ; Thompson, I. (Ed.)

    The cross-section of the thermal neutron capture41Ar(n,γ)42Ar(t1/2=32.9 y) reaction was measured by irradiating a40Ar sample at the high-flux reactor of Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) Grenoble, France. The signature of the two-neutron capture has been observed by measuring the growth curve and identifying the 1524.6 keV γ-lines of the shorter-lived42K(12.4 h) βdaughter of42Ar. Our preliminary value of the41Ar(n,γ)42Ar thermal cross section is 240(80) mb at 25.3 meV. For the first time, direct counting of42Ar was performed using the ultra-high sensitivity technique of noble gas accelerator mass spectrometry (NOGAMS) at Argonne National Laboratory, USA.

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