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Title: Inception: Virtual Space in Memory Space in Real Space – Memory Forensics of Immersive Virtual Reality with the HTC Vive
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Digital Investigation
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S13 to S21
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National Science Foundation
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  2. This paper presents the concept of creating virtual joints in soft robotic structures by modifying the local curvature of non-stretchable thin-walled structures through shape memory alloy (SMA)-based surface actuation. A thin planar flexible material can be stiffened by curving it along one axis, which increases stiffness by increasing the effective thickness. Locally deforming the curved sheet by making a flat region reduces this thickness, creating a defect. The material buckles and bends in a controlled manner at that location under an external force, producing a virtual compliant joint. We use tailored wire placement techniques to embed a continuous SMA wire in a serpentine pattern into denim cloth stiffened by a thin plastic film. When curved, joints can be created in this structure by activating small segments of the SMA wire using Joule heating which induces local curvature, with each of these segments able to exert up to 1.6 N of force. Finally, we present a circuit and algorithm for routing current through any desired SMA wire segment(s). Experimental results show that compliant joints can be created anywhere along the structure, resulting in a reconfigurable system. 
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