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Title: Stress and productivity patterns of interrupted, synergistic, and antagonistic office activities

We describe a controlled experiment, aiming to study productivity and stress effects of email interruptions and activity interactions in the modern office. The measurement set includes multimodal data forn = 63 knowledge workers who volunteered for this experiment and were randomly assigned into four groups: (G1/G2) Batch email interruptions with/without exogenous stress. (G3/G4) Continual email interruptions with/without exogenous stress. To provide context, the experiment’s email treatments were surrounded by typical office tasks. The captured variables include physiological indicators of stress, measures of report writing quality and keystroke dynamics, as well as psychometric scores and biographic information detailing participants’ profiles. Investigations powered by this dataset are expected to lead to personalized recommendations for handling email interruptions and a deeper understanding of synergistic and antagonistic office activities. Given the centrality of email in the modern office, and the importance of office work to people’s lives and the economy, the present data have a valuable role to play.

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Scientific Data
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Workplace environments are characterized by frequent interruptions that can lead to stress. However, measures of stress due to interruptions are typically obtained through self-reports, which can be affected by memory and emotional biases. In this paper, we use a thermal imaging system to obtain objective measures of stress and investigate personality differences in contexts of high and low interruptions. Since a major source of workplace interruptions is email, we studied 63 participants while multitasking in a controlled office environment with two different email contexts: managing email in batch mode or with frequent interruptions. We discovered that people who score highmore »in Neuroticism are significantly more stressed in batching environments than those low in Neuroticism. People who are more stressed finish emails faster. Last, using Linguistic Inquiry Word Count on the email text, we find that higher stressed people in multitasking environments use more anger in their emails. These findings help to disambiguate prior conflicting results on email batching and stress.« less
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    The genusNitrospirais the most widespread group of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria and thrives in diverse natural and engineered ecosystems. Nitrospira marinaNb-295Twas isolated from the ocean over 30 years ago; however, its genome has not yet been analyzed. Here, we investigated the metabolic potential ofN. marinabased on its complete genome sequence and performed physiological experiments to test genome-derived hypotheses. Our data confirm thatN. marinabenefits from additions of undefined organic carbon substrates, has adaptations to resist oxidative, osmotic, and UV light-induced stress and low dissolvedpCO2, and requires exogenous vitamin B12. In addition,N. marinais able to grow chemoorganotrophically on formate, and is thus notmore »an obligate chemolithoautotroph. We further investigated the proteomic response ofN. marinato low (∼5.6 µM) O2concentrations. The abundance of a potentially more efficient CO2-fixing pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase (POR) complex and a high-affinitycbb3-type terminal oxidase increased under O2limitation, suggesting a role in sustaining nitrite oxidation-driven autotrophy. This putatively more O2-sensitive POR complex might be protected from oxidative damage by Cu/Zn-binding superoxide dismutase, which also increased in abundance under low O2conditions. Furthermore, the upregulation of proteins involved in alternative energy metabolisms, including Group 3b [NiFe] hydrogenase and formate dehydrogenase, indicate a high metabolic versatility to survive conditions unfavorable for aerobic nitrite oxidation. In summary, the genome and proteome of the first marineNitrospiraisolate identifies adaptations to life in the oxic ocean and provides insights into the metabolic diversity and niche differentiation of NOB in marine environments.

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    Stochastic networks for the clock were identified by ensemble methods using genetic algorithms that captured the amplitude and period variation in single cell oscillators ofNeurosporacrassa. The genetic algorithms were at least an order of magnitude faster than ensemble methods using parallel tempering and appeared to provide a globally optimum solution from a random start in the initial guess of model parameters (i.e., rate constants and initial counts of molecules in a cell). The resulting goodness of fit$${x}^{2}$$x2was roughly halved versus solutions produced by ensemble methods using parallel tempering, and the resulting$${x}^{2}$$x2per data point was only$${\chi }^{2}/n$$χ2/n= 2,708.05/953 = 2.84. The fittedmore »model ensemble was robust to variation in proxies for “cell size”. The fitted neutral models without cellular communication between single cells isolated by microfluidics provided evidence for onlyoneStochastic Resonance at one common level of stochastic intracellular noise across days from 6 to 36 h of light/dark (L/D) or in a D/D experiment. When the light-driven phase synchronization was strong as measured by the Kuramoto (K), there was degradation in the single cell oscillations away from the stochastic resonance. The rate constants for the stochastic clock network are consistent with those determined on a macroscopic scale of 107cells.

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    Genetic mutations to the Lamin A/C gene (LMNA) can cause heart disease, but the mechanisms making cardiac tissues uniquely vulnerable to the mutations remain largely unknown. Further, patients withLMNAmutations have highly variable presentation of heart disease progression and type.In vitropatient-specific experiments could provide a powerful platform for studying this phenomenon, but the use of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (iPSC-CM) introduces heterogeneity in maturity and function thus complicating the interpretation of the results of any single experiment. We hypothesized that integrating single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) with analysis of the tissue architecture and contractile function would elucidate some ofmore »the probable mechanisms. To test this, we investigated five iPSC-CM lines, three controls and two patients with a (c.357-2A>G) mutation. The patient iPSC-CM tissues had significantly weaker stress generation potential than control iPSC-CM tissues demonstrating the viability of ourin vitroapproach. Through scRNA-seq, differentially expressed genes between control and patient lines were identified. Some of these genes, linked to quantitative structural and functional changes, were cardiac specific, explaining the targeted nature of the disease progression seen in patients. The results of this work demonstrate the utility of combiningin vitrotools in exploring heart disease mechanics.

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    Cementitious materials are complex composites that exhibit significant spatial heterogeneity in their chemical composition and micromechanical response. Modern 3-dimensional characterization techniques using X-rays from synchrotron light sources, such as micro-computed tomography (μCT) and far-field high-energy diffraction microscopy (ff-HEDM), are now capable of probing this micromechanical heterogeneity. In this work, the above mentioned techniques are used to understand the varying micromechanical response of crystalline phases (cubic iron oxide andα-quartz) inherently present within an alkali-activated fly ash (AAF) duringin-situconfined compression. A subset of the crystals probed using ff-HEDM are registered with the tomographic reconstructions and tracked through the applied loads, highlightingmore »the combination ofμCT and ff-HEDM as a means to examine both elastic strain in the crystalline particles (and by extension local stress response) and plastic strain in the matrix. In this study, significant differences in the load carrying behaviors of the crystalline phases were observed wherein the cubic iron oxide crystals laterally expanded during the confined compression test, while theα-quartz particles laterally contracted and at the final load step, shed load likely due to failure in the surrounding matrix. Finally, the two characterization techniques are discussed in terms of both advantages and associated challenges for analysis of multi-phase cementitious materials.

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