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Title: Systematic study of shockley-read-hall and radiative recombination in GaN on Al 2 O 3 , freestanding GaN, and GaN on Si
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IOP Publishing
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Journal of Physics: Photonics
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Article No. 035003
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National Science Foundation
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  1. GaN-on-GaN vertical diode is a promising device for next-generation power electronics. Its breakdown voltage (BV) is limited by edge termination designs such as guard rings. The design space of guard rings is huge and it is difficult to optimize manually. In this paper, we propose an effective inverse design strategy to co-optimize BV and (V F Q) −1 , where BV, V F , and Q are the breakdown voltage, forward voltage, and reserve capacitive charge of the diode, respectively. Using rapid Technology Computer-Aided-Design (TCAD) simulations, neural network (NN), and Pareto front generation, a GaN-on-GaN diode is optimized within 24 hours. We can obtain structures with 200V higher BV at medium (V F Q) −1 or find a nearly ideal BV structure with 25% higher BV 2 /R on compared to the best randomly generated TCAD data. 
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  2. Epitaxial ScxAl1−xN thin films of ∼100 nm thickness grown on metal polar GaN substrates are found to exhibit significantly enhanced relative dielectric permittivity (εr) values relative to AlN. εrvalues of ∼17–21 for Sc mole fractions of 17%–25% ( x = 0.17–0.25) measured electrically by capacitance–voltage measurements indicate that ScxAl1−xN has the largest relative dielectric permittivity of any existing nitride material. Since epitaxial ScxAl1−xN layers deposited on GaN also exhibit large polarization discontinuity, the heterojunction can exploit the in situ high-K dielectric property to extend transistor operation for power electronics and high-speed microwave applications.

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