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Title: Decentralized Optimal Merging Control for Connected and Automated Vehicles with Optimal Dynamic Resequencing
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1645681 1664644
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Proc. of 2020 American Control Conference
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National Science Foundation
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  1. We present a framework which incorporates three aspects of the estimation problem, namely, sparse sensor con- figuration, optimal precision, and robustness in the presence of model uncertainty. The problem is formulated in the H∞ optimal observer design framework. We consider two types of uncertainties in the system, i.e. structured affine and un- structured uncertainties. The objective is to design an observer with a given H∞ performance index with minimal number of sensors and minimal precision values, while guaranteeing the performance for all admissible uncertainties. The problem is posed as a convex optimization problem subject to linear matrix inequalities. Numerical simulationsmore »demonstrate the application of the theoretical results presented in this work.« less