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Title: Preempting Flaky Tests via Non-Idempotent-Outcome Tests
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44th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Gate-exhaustive and cell-aware tests are generated based on input patterns of cells in a design. While the tests provide thorough testing of the cells, the interconnects between them are tested only as input and output lines of cells. This paper defines cell-based faults that allow the interconnects to be tested more thoroughly within a uniform framework that only targets input patterns of cells. In contrast to a real cell that is part of the design, a dummy cell is used for defining interconnect-aware faults. Using a gate-level description of the circuit, a dummy cell contains an interconnect, an output gate of the real cell that drives it, and an input gate of the real cell that it drives. Experimental results for benchmark circuits show that many of the interconnect-aware faults are not detected accidentally by gate-exhaustive tests, and that the quality of the test set is improved by targeting interconnect-aware faults. Here, quality is measured by the numbers of detections of single stuck-at faults in a gate-level representation of the circuit.