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Title: To Tag or Not To Tag: The Interplay of the Twitch Tag System and LGBTQIA+ Visibility in Live Streaming
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Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Large scale networks of intelligent sensors that can function without any batteries will have enormous implications in applications that range from smart spaces to structural and environmental monitoring. RF tags present an amenable platform for sensor integration as the backscatter communication offers low energy cost of communication. Current RF tags either use extremely low-power sensors or perform tasks of tag localization and identification based on the strength of the backscatter signal. We present a technique for estimation of amplitude and phase of the tag-to-tag channel that can be performed with very limited computational and energy resources. This enables monitoring of the interactions between tagged objects and activities around tags, as well as assessment of a variety of engineering structures. Experimental results demonstrate high resolution in the amplitude and phase channel measurement at a distances ranging from 22 cm to 1.34 m. 
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