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  1. Boron carbide is super-strong and has many important engineering applications such as body armor and cutting tools. However, the extended applications of boron carbide have been limited by its low fracture toughness arising from anomalous brittle failure when subjected to hypervelocity impact or under high pressure. This abnormal brittle failure is directly related to the formation of a tiny amorphous shear band of 2–3 nm in width and several hundred nm in length. In this Perspective, we discuss mitigating the amorphous shear bands in boron carbide from various strategies including microalloying, grain boundary engineering, stoichiometry control, and the addition of amore »second phase. Combined with recent theoretical and experimental studies, we discuss strategies that can be applied in synthesizing and producing boron carbide-based materials with improved ductility by suppressing the formation of the amorphous shear band.« less