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  1. Abstract

    Balgacyclamide A−C are a family of cyanobactin natural products isolated from freshwater cyanobacteriaMicrocystis aeruginosa. These macrocyclic peptides are characterized by their oxazoline‐thiazole core, their 7 or 8 stereocenters, and their antiparasitic activities. Balgacyclamide B is known for its activity towardsPlasmodium falciparumchloroquine‐resistant strain K1,Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense, andLeishmania donovani. In this report, the first total synthesis of Balgacyclamide B is described in a 17‐steps pathway and a 2 % overall yield. The synthetic pathway toward balgacyclamide B can be adapted for the future syntheses of balgacyclamide A and C. In addition, a brief history background of oxazolines syntheses is shown to emphasize the importance of the cyclization conditions used to interconvert or retain configuration of β‐hydroxy amides via dehydrative cyclization.

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