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  1. OZ1, an RNA editing factor that controls the editing of 14 cytidine targets in Arabidopsis chloroplasts, contains two RanBP2-type zinc finger (Znf) domains. The RanBP2 Znf is a C4-type member of the broader zinc finger family with unique functions and an unusually diverse distribution in plants. The domain can mediate interactions with proteins or RNA and appears in protein types such as proteases, RNA editing factors, and chromatin modifiers; however, few characterized Arabidopsis proteins containing RanBP2 Znfs have been studied specifically with the domain in mind. In humans, RanBP2 Znf-containing proteins are involved in RNA splicing, transport, or transcription initiation. We present a phylogenetic overview of Arabidopsis RanBP2 Znf proteins and the functional niches that these proteins occupy in plants. OZ1 and its four-member family represent a branch of this family with major impact on the RNA biology of chloroplasts and mitochondria in Arabidopsis. We discuss what is known about other plant proteins carrying the RanBP2 Znf domain and point out how phylogenetic information can provide clues to functions of uncharacterized Znf proteins.