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    Our 2003 “Cicerone” had discussed charm dynamics with different directions and levels. 1 Here we focus on two items, where the “landscape” has changed sizably. (a) The lifetimes and semileptonic decays of charm hadrons show the impact of nonperturbative QCD and to which degree one can apply heavy quark expansion (HQE) for charm hadrons. It is more complex as we have learnt from 2019/20 data. (b) CP asymmetry has been established in 2019: 2 [Formula: see text] is quite an achievement by the LHCb collaboration! Our community is at the beginning of a long travel for fundamental dynamics. Can the SM account for these? We discuss the assumptions that were made up to 2018 data and new conclusions from 2019/20 ones. We need more data; however, one has to discuss correlations between different transitions. We give an Appendix, what we have learnt for large CP asymmetry in [Formula: see text]. 
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