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  1. Sounds produced by the articulation of joints have been shown to contain information characteristic of underlying joint health, morphology, and loading. In this work, we explore the use of a novel form factor for non-invasively acquiring acoustic/vibrational signals from the knee joint: an instrumented glove with a fingertip-mounted accelerometer. We validated the glove-based approach by comparing it to conventional mounting techniques (tape and foam microphone pads) in an experimental framework previously shown to reliably alter healthy knee joint sounds (vertical leg press). Measurements from healthy subjects (N = 11) in this proof-of-concept study demonstrated a highly consistent, monotonic, and significant (p < 0.01) increase in low-frequency signal root-mean-squared (RMS) amplitude—a straightforward metric relating to joint grinding loudness—with increasing vertical load across all three techniques. This finding suggests that a glove-based approach is a suitable alternative for collecting joint sounds that eliminates the need for consumables like tape and the interface noise associated with them.