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  1. Abstract

    The observation ofγrays from the decay of44Ti in the remnants of core-collapse supernovae (CCSNe) provides crucial information regarding the nucleosynthesis occurring in these events, as44Ti production is sensitive to CCSNe conditions. The final abundance of44Ti is also sensitive to specific nuclear input parameters, one of which is the57Ni(p,γ)58Cu reaction rate. A precise rate for57Ni(p,γ)58Cu is thus critical if44Ti production is to be an effective probe into CCSNe. To experimentally constrain the57Ni(p,γ)58Cu rate, the structure properties of58Cu were measured via the58Ni(3He,t)58Cu*(γ) reaction using GODDESS (GRETINA ORRUBA Dual Detectors for Experimental Structure Studies) at Argonne National Laboratory’s ATLAS facility. Details of the experiment, ongoing analysis, and plans are presented.

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