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  1. Abstract
    The Global River Methane Database (GriMeDB) is a compilation of measurements of CH4 concentrations and fluxes for flowing water environments derived from publications, reports, data repositories, and other outlets between 1973 and 2021. Assembly of GRiMeDB was motivated by the goal of having a centralized, standardized resource to facilitate further studies of CH4 pattern and process in flowing water systems, upscaling efforts, and identification of tendencies in when, where, and how CH4 has been sampled in streams and rivers across the world. Thus, CH4 data are supported by concurrent observations (as available) of aquatic CO2, N2O, temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, organic carbon, and discharge, along with site data (latitude, longitude, elevation, and [as available]: stream order, elevation, channel slope, catchment size, and codes for distinct or disturbed channel types). GRiMeDB includes over 24,000 records of CH4 concentration and greater than 8,000 flux measurements from over 5,000 unique sites, most of which are resolved to the daily time scale.