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  1. Free, publicly-accessible full text available June 1, 2023
  2. Exotic superconductivity, such as high TC, topological, and heavy-fermion superconductors, often rely on phase sensitive measurements to determine the underlying pairing. Here we investigate the proximity-induced superconductivity in nanowires of SnTe, where a s±is′ superconducting state is produced that lacks the time-reversal and valley-exchange symmetry of the parent SnTe. A systematic breakdown of three conventional characteristics of Josephson junctions -- the DC Josephson effect, the AC Josephson effect, and the magnetic diffraction pattern -- fabricated from SnTe nanowire weak links elucidates this novel superconducting state. Further, the AC Josephson effect reveals evidence of a Majorana bound state, tuned by amore »perpendicular magnetic field. This work represents the definitive phase-sensitive measurement of novel s±is′ superconductivity, providing a new route to the investigation of fractional vortices, topological superconductivity, topological phase transitions, and new types of Josephson-based devices.« less