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  1. Abstract

    Skin-integrated haptic interfaces that can relay a wealth of information from the machine to the human are of great interest. However, existing haptic devices are not yet able to produce haptic cues that are compatible with the skin. In this work, we present the stretchable soft actuators for haptic feedback, which can match the perception range, spatial resolution, and stretchability of the skin. Pressure-amplification structures are fabricated using a scalable self-assembly process to ensure an output pressure beyond the skin perception threshold. Due to the minimized device size, the actuator array can be fabricated with a sufficiently high spatial resolution, which makes the haptic device applicable for skin locations with the highest spatial acuity. A haptic feedback system is demonstrated by employing the developed soft actuators and highly sensitive pressure sensors. Two proof-of-concept applications are developed to illustrate the capability of transferring information related to surface textures and object shapes acquired at the robot side to the user side.

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