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  1. The U.S. Nation’s Report Card reveals that lower performing students exhibited greater achievement decline than their average/high performing peers based on 2022 long-term trend mathematics assessments for age 9 students. Technology, including computer-assisted instruction, plays an important role in today’s dynamic learning environments. Currently, there is a lack of computer-assisted intervention programs that systematically teach generalized word problem-solving skills that are driven by mathematical models. Model-based problem solving (MBPS) is one of the essential emphases in the Common Core mathematical practice standards. This study investigated the effects of a web-based computer tutor, MBPS, on enhancing word problem-solving performance of elementary students who are struggling in mathematics. The MBPS tutor incorporates best practices that are identified by the Institute of Educational Sciences’ (IES) latest practice guide, including providing systematic instruction, visual and verbal supports, and teaching of precise mathematical language. Findings indicate that the MBPS tutor boosted participants’ performance above and beyond the business-as-usual comparison group.

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