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  1. We have performed combined elastic neutron diffuse, electrical transport, specific heat, and thermal conductivity measurements on the quasi–one-dimensional Ba 3 Co 2 O 6 (CO 3 ) 0.7 single crystal to characterize its transport properties. A modulated superstructure of polyatomic CO 3 2− is formed, which not only interferes the electronic properties of this compound, but also reduces the thermal conductivity along the c-axis. Furthermore, a large magnetic entropy is observed to be contributed to the heat conduction. Our investigations reveal the influence of both structural and magnetic effects on its transport properties and suggest a theoretical improvement on themore »thermoelectric materials by building up superlattice with conducting ionic group.« less
    Free, publicly-accessible full text available December 24, 2022
  2. Since passenger demand in urban transit systems is asymmetrically distributed across different periods in a day and different geographic locations across the cities, the tradeoff between vehicle operating costs and service quality has been a persistent problem in transit operational design. The emerging modular vehicle technology offers us a new perspective to solve this problem. Based on this concept, we propose a variable-capacity operation approach with modular transits for shared-use corridors, in which both dispatch headway and vehicle capacity are decision variables. This problem is rigorously formulated as a mixed integer linear programming model that aims to minimize the overallmore »system cost, including passenger waiting time costs and vehicle operating costs. Because the proposed model is linear, the state-of-the-art commercial solvers (e.g., Gurobi) can be used to obtain the optimal solution of the investigated problem. With numerical experiments, we demonstrate the feasibility of the mathematical model, verify the effectiveness of the proposed model in reducing overall system costs in transit systems, as well as the robustness of the proposed model with different parameter settings.« less
  3. Abstract We have obtained sensitive dust continuum polarization observations at 850 μ m in the B213 region of Taurus using POL-2 on SCUBA-2 at the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope as part of the B -fields in STar-forming Region Observations (BISTRO) survey. These observations allow us to probe magnetic field ( B -field) at high spatial resolution (∼2000 au or ∼0.01 pc at 140 pc) in two protostellar cores (K04166 and K04169) and one prestellar core (Miz-8b) that lie within the B213 filament. Using the Davis–Chandrasekhar–Fermi method, we estimate the B -field strengths in K04166, K04169, and Miz-8b to be 38more »± 14, 44 ± 16, and 12 ± 5 μ G, respectively. These cores show distinct mean B -field orientations. The B -field in K04166 is well ordered and aligned parallel to the orientations of the core minor axis, outflows, core rotation axis, and large-scale uniform B -field, in accordance with magnetically regulated star formation via ambipolar diffusion taking place in K04166. The B -field in K04169 is found to be ordered but oriented nearly perpendicular to the core minor axis and large-scale B -field and not well correlated with other axes. In contrast, Miz-8b exhibits a disordered B -field that shows no preferred alignment with the core minor axis or large-scale field. We found that only one core, K04166, retains a memory of the large-scale uniform B -field. The other two cores, K04169 and Miz-8b, are decoupled from the large-scale field. Such a complex B -field configuration could be caused by gas inflow onto the filament, even in the presence of a substantial magnetic flux.« less