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  1. Abstract In this work, reconfigurable metafilm absorbers based on indium silicon oxide (ISO) were investigated. The metafilm absorbers consist of nanoscale metallic resonator arrays on metal-insulator-metal (MIM) multilayer structures. The ISO was used as an active tunable layer embedded in the MIM cavities. The tunable metafilm absorbers with ISO were then fabricated and characterized. A maximum change in the reflectance of 57% and up to 620 nm shift in the resonance wavelength were measured. 
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  2. The conference was held in Burlingame, California United States 29 July–1 August 2019. 
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  3. Abstract

    In this paper, a detailed analysis of the temperature‐dependent optical properties of epitaxially grown cadmium arsenide (Cd3As2), a newly discovered 3D Dirac semimetal is reported. Fermi level tuning—instigated from Pauli‐blocking in the linear Dirac cone—and varying Drude response, generate large variations in the mid‐ and far‐infrared optical properties. Thermo‐optic shifts larger than those of traditional III–V semiconductors are demonstrated. Electron scattering rate, plasma frequency edge, Fermi level shift, optical conductivity, and electron effective mass analysis of Cd3As2thin‐films are quantified and discussed in detail. The ab initio density functional study and experimental analysis of epitaxially grown Cd3As2promise applications for nanophotonic and nanoelectronic devices, such as reconfigurable metamaterials and metasurfaces, nanoscale thermal emitters, and on‐chip directional antennas.

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