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  1. A bstract We analyze the New Physics sensitivity of a recently proposed method to measure the CP-violating $$ \mathcal{B} $$ B ( K S → μ + μ − ) ℓ =0 decay rate using K S − K L interference. We present our findings both in a model-independent EFT approach as well as within several simple NP scenarios. We discuss the relation with associated observables, most notably $$ \mathcal{B} $$ B ( K L → π 0 $$ \nu \overline{\nu} $$ ν ν ¯ ). We find that simple NP models can significantly enhance $$ \mathcal{B} $$ B ( K S → μ + μ − ) ℓ =0 , making this mode a very promising probe of physics beyond the standard model in the kaon sector.