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  1. We simulate the possibility of scaling channel formation to low density plasmas of low atomic number gas over a large range of pulse duration including (1) pulses up to 300 ps in duration, using inverse bremsstrahlung (IB) heating and (2) ultrashort pulses up to 100s of femtoseconds for generating tenuous plasmas of centimeter to meter lengths by optical field ionization (OFI). Results show IB heating up to tens of eV, and channels formed from an initial density of 1e18 cm-􀀀3 with axial densities as low as 1e17cm-3 and radius of 50 microns. It has been shown that centimeter-scale waveguides can be generated via OFI heating at densities of approximately 1e17 cm-􀀀3. Lastly, we outline the experimental setup to be used in future experiments at the University of Texas Tabletop Terawatt (UT3) facility.