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  1. The dissolution of minute concentration of polymers in wall-bounded flows is well-known for its unparalleled ability to reduce turbulent friction drag. Another phenomenon, elasto-inertial turbulence (EIT), has been far less studied even though elastic instabilities have already been observed in dilute polymer solutions before the discovery of polymer drag reduction. EIT is a chaotic state driven by polymer dynamics that is observed across many orders of magnitude in Reynolds number. It involves energy transfer from small elastic scales to large flow scales. The investigation of the mechanisms of EIT offers the possibility to better understand other complex phenomena such as elastic turbulence and maximum drag reduction. In this review, we survey recent research efforts that are advancing the understanding of the dynamics of EIT. We highlight the fundamental differences between EIT and Newtonian/inertial turbulence from the perspective of experiments, numerical simulations, instabilities, and coherent structures. Finally, we discuss the possible links between EIT and elastic turbulence and polymer drag reduction, as well as the remaining challenges in unraveling the self-sustaining mechanism of EIT. 
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    Free, publicly-accessible full text available January 19, 2024
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