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    Magnetoelectric coupling is achieved near room temperature in a spin crossover FeIImolecule‐based compound,[Fe(1bpp)2](BF4)2. Large atomic displacements resulting from Jahn–Teller distortions induce a change in the molecule dipole moment when switching between high‐spin and low‐spin states leading to a step‐wise change in the electric polarization and dielectric constant. For temperatures in the region of bistability, the changes in magnetic and electrical properties are induced with a remarkably low magnetic field of 3 T. This result represents a successful expansion of magnetoelectric spin crossovers towards ambient conditions. Moreover, the observed 0.3–0.4 mC m−2changes in theH‐induced electric polarization suggest that the high strength of the coupling obtained via this route is accessible not just at cryogenic temperatures but also near room temperature, a feature that is especially appealing in the light of practical applications.

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