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  1. The fluid-structure interaction (FSI) of a compliant panel under a compression-ramp-induced shock/boundary-layer interaction (SBLI) has been studied in Mach 2 flow. Simultaneous high-speed measurements of the velocity field and the panel displacement were conducted using 50 kHz particle image velocimetry (PIV) and 5 kHz stereoscopic digital image correlation (DIC). The mean effect of the panel displacement has been evaluated by monitoring the change in velocity profiles along the streamwise direction (x), upstream of the separated flow region. Streamwise (u) velocity near the panel surface has been shown to change its magnitude in response to the wall shape. Furthermore, the strong cross-correlation between fluctuations of the wall-normal panel displacement and the transverse (v) velocity can be explained by the flow remaining tangent to the wall surface as the panel deforms. This latter result is consistent with the panel motion being sufficiently low frequency compared to flow convective time scales that the flow is quasi-steady In addition, assessment of the correlation between the separation shock position and panel displacement seems to suggest that when the panel is bulged down (concave up) at the downstream end of the panel, a larger separated flow is generated and the shock moves upstream. This observation remainsmore »speculative, but is consistent with the flow undergoing greater compression for the bulged down case.« less
    Free, publicly-accessible full text available July 1, 2023