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  1. Abstract Combinatorial optimization problems are difficult to solve with conventional algorithms. Here we explore networks of nonlinear electronic oscillators evolving dynamically towards the solution to such problems. We show that when driven into subharmonic response, such oscillator networks can minimize the Ising Hamiltonian on non-trivial antiferromagnetically-coupled 3-regular graphs. In this context, the spin-up and spin-down states of the Ising machine are represented by the oscillators’ response at the even or odd driving cycles. Our experimental setting of driven nonlinear oscillators coupled via a programmable switch matrix leads to a unique energy minimizer when one exists, and probes frustration where appropriate. Theoretical modeling of the electronic oscillators and their couplings allows us to accurately reproduce the qualitative features of the experimental results and extends the results to larger graphs. This suggests the promise of this setup as a prototypical one for exploring the capabilities of such an unconventional computing platform. 
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