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  1. Past studies have empirically demonstrated a surprising agreement between gravitational waveforms computed using adiabatic–driven–inspiral point–particle black hole perturbation theory (ppBHPT) and numerical relativity (NR) following a straightforward calibration step, sometimes referred to as α-β scaling. Specifically focusing on the quadrupole mode, this calibration technique necessitates only two time-independent parameters to scale the overall amplitude and time coordinate. In this article, part of a Special Issue, we investigate this scaling for non-spinning binaries at the equal-mass limit. Even without calibration, NR and ppBHPT waveforms exhibit an unexpected degree of similarity after accounting for different mass scale definitions. Post-calibration, good agreement between ppBHPT and NR waveforms extends nearly up to the point of the merger. We also assess the breakdown of the time-independent assumption of the scaling parameters, shedding light on current limitations and suggesting potential generalizations for the α-β scaling technique.

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