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    We explore the prospects and benefits of combining the techniques of cavity optomechanics with efforts to image spins using magnetic resonance force microscopy (MRFM). In particular, we focus on a common mechanical resonator used in cavity optomechanics—high-stress stoichiometric silicon nitride (Si3N4) membranes. We present experimental work with a ‘trampoline’ membrane resonator that has a quality factor above 106and an order of magnitude lower mass than a comparable standard membrane resonators. Such high-stress resonators are on a trajectory to reach 0.1aN/Hzforce sensitivities at MHz frequencies by using techniques such as soft clamping and phononic-crystal control of acoustic radiation in combination with cryogenic cooling. We present a demonstration of force-detected electron spin resonance of an ensemble at room temperature using the trampoline resonators functionalized with a magnetic grain. We discuss prospects for combining such a resonator with an integrated Fabry–Perot cavity readout at cryogenic temperatures, and provide ideas for future impacts of membrane cavity optomechanical devices on MRFM of nuclear spins.

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