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  2. A growing number of community energy initiatives have enlarged energy-related social networks to the community level. Information provision is deemed as an important role in such programs while energy data disclosure offers a great opportunity to promote energy savings by engaging energy-related actors. However, it is crucial to communicate this data in an effective way. In this research, we develop a virtual reality (VR) integrated eco-feedback system that enables both occupants and facility managers to interact with real-time energy consumption data represented in a community scale 3D immersive environment. This paper presents the detailed front-end and back-end design and development of this novel VR-integrated eco-feedback system using Georgia Tech’s campus as a test case for implementation. The VR-integrated community scale eco-feedback system is capable of visually characterizing differences in energy consumption across a large number of buildings of different types, and will be tested by users in future research. This research, when deployed broadly in cities, may help promote energy-aware behaviors of occupants and timely intervention strategies to achieve energy savings in urban areas. 
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