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    Heat of formation and density have a significant influence on the detonation performance of a compound and are greatly influenced by the nitrogen and oxygen content of a material. Here a family of new materials with high oxygen and nitrogen content was synthesized and characterized. Compound 1 has a nitrogen and oxygen content of 85.3%, with a high density (1.93 g cm −3 ) and high detonation properties (detonation velocity v D = 9503 m s −1 ; detonation pressure P = 41 GPa). The ammonium salt 3 has a nitrogen and oxygen content of 84.9%, a density of 1.86 g cm −3 , a detonation velocity of 9317 m s −1 , and acceptable sensitivities (8 J, 120 N) which are similar to those of HMX . The potassium salt ( 5 ) was characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. 
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