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  1. Eric Calais ; Silvia Chacón-Barrantes ; Roby Douilly ; O’Leary Gonzalez ; Xyoli Pérez-Campos ; Richard Robertson, Elizabeth Vanacore (Ed.)
    The Mw 7.2 Nippes, Haiti, earthquake occurred on 14 August 2021 in Haiti’s southwest peninsula and in the midst of significant social, economic, and political crises. A hybrid reconnaissance mission (i.e., combined remote and field investigation) was coordinated to document damage to the built environment after the event. This article evaluates two ground‐motion records available in Haiti in the context of the geology of the region and known areas with significant damage, such as Les Cayes. We also present a new map of time‐averaged shear‐wave velocity values to 30 m depth (⁠VS30 ⁠) for Les Cayes and Port‐au‐Prince based on the geostatistical approach of kriging and accounting for region‐specific geology proxies and field measurements of VS30 ⁠. Case studies of ground failure observations, including landslides and liquefaction triggering, are described as well as the intersection of social and engineering observations. Maps depicting this important intersection are provided to facilitate the assessment of how natural hazards and social conflicts have influenced the vulnerability of Haiti’s population to earthquakes. 
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