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  1. Acoustic topological systems explore topological behaviors of phononic crystals. Currently, most of the experimentally demonstrated acoustic topological systems are for airborne acoustic waves and work at or below the kHz frequency range. Here, we report an underwater acoustic topological waveguide that works at the MHz frequency range. The 2D topological waveguide was formed at the interface of two hexagonal lattices with different pillar radii that were fabricated with metal additive manufacturing. We demonstrated the existence of edge stages both numerically and in underwater experiments. Our work has potential applications in underwater/biomedical sensing, energy transport, and acoustofluidics. 
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  2. null (Ed.)
    Abstract Optical bottle beams can be used to trap atoms and small low-index particles. We introduce a figure of merit (FoM) for optical bottle beams, specifically in the context of optical traps, and use it to compare optical bottle-beam traps obtained by three different methods. Using this FoM and an optimization algorithm, we identified the optical bottle-beam traps based on a Gaussian beam illuminating a metasurface that are superior in terms of power efficiency than existing approaches. We numerically demonstrate a silicon metasurface for creating an optical bottle-beam trap. 
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