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  1. The shipboard sediment splice of International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 363 Site U1483, drilled in 1733 m water depth on the Scott Plateau off Northwest Australia, was primarily based on a composite of the magnetic susceptibility records at 2.5 cm resolution from three holes drilled at this site. We performed X-ray fluorescence (XRF) core scanning at 2 cm intervals with overlaps of ~1–2 m at splice tie points and used these new data to verify the tie points along the original splice from 0 to 211.53 m core composite depth below seafloor (CCSF). Based on the XRF records, we revisedmore »the position of three original tie points and present a revised composite depth scale for Site U1483. These revisions resulted in shifts of up to 94 cm relative to the original shipboard offsets and a continuous section extending down to 211.62 m revised core composite depth below seafloor (r-CCSF).« less