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  1. New coordination environments are reported for Np( iii ) and Pu( iii ) based on pilot studies of U( iii ) in 2.2.2-cryptand (crypt). The U( iii )-in-crypt complex, [U(crypt)I 2 ][I], obtained from the reaction between UI 3 and crypt, is treated with Me 3 SiOTf (OTf = O 3 SCF 3 ) in benzene to form the [U(crypt)(OTf) 2 ][OTf] complex. Similarly, the isomorphous Np( iii ) and Pu( iii ) complexes were obtained similarly starting from [AnI 3 (THF) 4 ]. All three complexes (1-An; An = U, Np, Pu) contain an encapsulated actinide in a THF-soluble complex. Absorption spectroscopy and DFT calculations are consistent with 5f 3 U( iii ), 5f 4 Np( iii ), and 5f 5 Pu( iii ) electron configurations. 
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  2. We report two anionic diphosphametallocenates, [K(2.2.2-crypt)][M(PC 4 Me 4 ) 2 ] (M = Cr, 2-Cr ; Fe, 2-Fe ). Both are low-spin ( S = ½) by EPR spectroscopy and SQUID magnetometry. This contrasts the high-spin ( S = ) ferrocenate, [K(2.2.2-crypt)][Fe(C 5 H 2 -1,2,4- t Bu) 2 ] ( 4-Fe ). Quantum chemical calculations suggest this is due to significant differences in ligand field splitting of the d-orbitals which also explain structural features in the 2-M complexes. 
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  3. The novel series of heteroleptic Sm(iii) halide complexes provides the backdrop for a fluorescence-detected Lα1X-ray absorption spectroscopic study.

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