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  1. Free-body diagrams (FBDs) are diagrammatic representations of external forces and moments exerted on an object of interest for solving kinetics problems. Several studies have reported different ways of teaching FBDs in terms of pictorial representation of forces (e.g., placement of vectors or labeling). However, there is little research on practice strategies for helping students learn how to draw FBDs. Through the use of task analysis and a model of subgoal learning, we will develop task-analysis-guided deliberate practice to enhance learning. Task analysis is often used in instructional design to extract knowledge requirements for acquiring a skill. Skill acquisition is usually divided into three phases including declarative, knowledge compilation, and procedural. Task analysis in our study will identify relevant declarative and procedural knowledge related to drawing FBDs. The findings will be used to develop deliberate practice. Deliberate practice can help novices develop good representations of the knowledge needed to produce superior problem solving performance. This has been viewed as a gold standard for practice. Although deliberate practice is mainly studied among elite performers, the recent literature has revealed promising results for novices. Considering cognitive capacity limitations, we will apply cognitive load theory to develop deliberate practice to help students build declarativemore »and procedural knowledge without exceeding their working memory limitations. A knowledge extraction expert will take an iterative approach to conduct task analyses with a subject matter expert (or experts)to distill knowledge to a level that is appropriate for students in the dynamics course. We will then integrate the task analysis results with instructional design strategies derived from cognitive load theory and the subgoal learning model to develop deliberate practice and assessment materials. Examples and assessment results will be provided to evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional design strategies as well as the challenges.« less