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  1. Abstract We investigate the impacts of the neutrino cooling mechanism inside the neutron star (NS) core on the light curves of type I X-ray bursts and X-ray superbursts. From several observations of NS thermal evolution, physical processes of fast neutrino cooling, such as the direct Urca (DU) process, are indicated. They significantly decrease the surface temperature of NSs, though the cooling effect could be suppressed by nucleon superfluidity. In the present study, focusing on the DU process and nucleon superfluidity, we investigate the effects of NS cooling on the X-ray bursts using a general-relativistic stellar-evolution code. We find that the DU process leads to a longer recurrence time and higher peak luminosity, which could be obstructed by the neutrons’ superfluidity. We also apply our burst models to the comparison with Clocked burster GS 1826−24, and to the recurrence time of a superburst triggered by carbon ignition. These effects are significant within a certain range of binary parameters and the uncertainty of the NS equation of state. 
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