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  1. Two-dimensional (2D) materials that exhibit charge density waves (CDWs)—spontaneous reorganization of their electrons into a periodic modulation—have generated many research endeavors in the hopes of employing their exotic properties for various quantum-based technologies. Early investigations surrounding CDWs were mostly focused on bulk materials. However, applications for quantum devices require few-layer materials to fully utilize the emergent phenomena. The CDW field has greatly expanded over the decades, warranting a focus on the computational efforts surrounding them specifically in 2D materials. In this review, we cover ground in the following relevant theory-driven subtopics for TaS2 and TaSe2: summary of general computational techniques and methods, resulting atomic structures, the effect of electron–phonon interaction of the Raman scattering modes, the effects of confinement and dimensionality on the CDW, and we end with a future outlook. Through understanding how the computational methods have enabled incredible advancements in quantum materials, one may anticipate the ever-expanding directions available for continued pursuit as the field brings us through the 21st century. 
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  2. Free, publicly-accessible full text available June 13, 2024
  3. The decoupling of electronic and nuclear spin states allows scattering fermionic atoms to rapidly cool. 
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