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  1. Today, saying Additive Manufacturing (AM) is changing our world is an understatement. Current applications include additively manufactured shoes, jewelry, prosthetics, and food products. In this study, a steering rack extension for Tennessee Tech’s Formula SAE (FSAE) car was replaced with various 3D printed alternatives. Numerous beta testing studies were performed to measure its sustainability. Utilization of a Steering Rack Extension is made to adapt a quick ratio steering rack to interface with the steering system designed for the TTU Motorsports FSAE car. The current study reports the design, analysis, and manufacturing studies performed to replace the steering rack extension with a 3D printed component. Various tests and 3D printing operations have been performed to show the improvements made to replace the currently used piece. This presentation will report the design, printing and testing studies performed for the newer steering rack extension. Student feedback received from the FSAE team and engineering students will be also presented. 
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  2. During the 2017 Engineering-a-Future activities at Tennessee Tech University, a set of 3D Pen activities has been organized for the female Middle School Students (5th and 6th grades) so that they learn more about the engineering fields and their practices in daily life. Various Additive Manufacturing technologies have been presented to students, and students have toured the lab facilities. During the 45-minute timeframe, students were grouped and constructed 3D art objects (butterfly, necklace, bird, and glasses) using the available 3D Pens. It was observed that the students had high enthusiasm about the new technology. This study will present the utilization of 3D Printing Pens in various practices, and report the current advantageous and disadvantageous of 3D Pen exercises detected through recent studies. 
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