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  1. Abstract

    Effective and successful clinical trials are essential in developing new drugs and advancing new treatments. However, clinical trials are very expensive and easy to fail. The high cost and low success rate of clinical trials motivate research on inferring knowledge from existing clinical trials in innovative ways for designing future clinical trials. In this manuscript, we present our efforts on constructing the first publicly available Clinical Trials Knowledge Graph, denoted as$$\mathop {\mathtt {CTKG}}\limits$$CTKG.$$\mathop {\mathtt {CTKG}}\limits$$CTKGincludes nodes representing medical entities in clinical trials (e.g., studies, drugs and conditions), and edges representing the relations among these entities (e.g., drugs used in studies). Our embedding analysis demonstrates the potential utilities of$$\mathop {\mathtt {CTKG}}\limits$$CTKGin various applications such as drug repurposing and similarity search, among others.

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