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  1. Abstract

    Zintl phase thermoelectric materials have generated tremendous interest due to possessing structural features conducive to high thermoelectric performances. On the other hand, both arsenic and arsenic‐based compounds have become attractive in electronics due to having interesting properties like narrow bandgap, tunable carrier concentration, and non‐centrosymmetric structures. The structure of arsenic compounds plays a telling role in determining their efficiency as thermoelectric materials. They also show the scope to be doped as both p‐ and n‐type conduction providing exciting new materials with applications as a full module. These attributes make them appealing as thermoelectric materials for further research. This short review is an overview of the different structures of arsenic‐based Zintl ternary materials that have potential to be excellent thermoelectric materials.

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  2. The interplay of synthesis, experiments, and theory in broadening the landscape of thermoelectric materials is reported. 
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