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  1. null (Ed.)
    Free, publicly-accessible full text available October 1, 2022
  2. Super, J. (Ed.)
    Reconstructions of Common Era sea level are informative of relationships between sea level and natural climate variability, and the uniqueness of modern sea-level rise1. Kench et al.2 recently reconstructed Common Era sea level in the Maldives, Indian Ocean, using corals, and reported periods of 150–500 years when sea level fell and rose at average rates of 2.7–4.3 mm yr−1, which they attributed to ocean cooling and warming inferred from reconstructions of sea-surface temperature (SST) and radiative forcing (Fig. 2 of ref. 2). We challenge their interpretation, using principles of sea-level physics to argue that pre-industrial radiative forcing and SST changesmore »were insufficient to cause thermosteric sea-level (TSL) trends as large as reported for the Maldives2. Our results support the paradigm that modern rates and magnitudes of sea-level rise due to climate change are unprecedented during the Common Era3,4.« less
  3. Abstract

    Aria is a plant hosting a$${350}\,\hbox {m}$$350mcryogenic isotopic distillation column, the tallest ever built, which is being installed in a mine shaft at Carbosulcis S.p.A., Nuraxi-Figus (SU), Italy. Aria is one of the pillars of the argon dark-matter search experimental program, lead by the Global Argon Dark Matter Collaboration. It was designed to reduce the isotopic abundance of$${^{39}\hbox {Ar}}$$39Arin argon extracted from underground sources, called Underground Argon (UAr), which is used for dark-matter searches. Indeed,$${^{39}\hbox {Ar}}$$39Aris a$$\beta $$β-emitter of cosmogenic origin, whose activity poses background and pile-up concerns in the detectors. In this paper, we discuss the requirements, design,more »construction, tests, and projected performance of the plant for the isotopic cryogenic distillation of argon. We also present the successful results of the isotopic cryogenic distillation of nitrogen with a prototype plant.

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