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  1. We present a novel technique for generating beams of light carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) that increases mode purity and decreases singularity splitting by orders of magnitude. This technique also works to control and mitigate beam divergence within propagation distances less than the Rayleigh length. Additionally, we analyze a tunable parameter of this technique that can change the ratio of beam purity to power to fit desired specifications. Beam generation via this technique is achievable using only phase-modulating optical elements, which reduces experimental complexity and beam energy loss.

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    Topology and strong electron correlations are crucial ingredients in emerging quantum materials, yet their intersection in experimental systems has been relatively limited to date. Strongly correlated Weyl semimetals, particularly when magnetism is incorporated, offer a unique and fertile platform to explore emergent phenomena in novel topological matter and topological spintronics. The antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetal Mn 3 Sn exhibits many exotic physical properties such as a large spontaneous Hall effect and has recently attracted intense interest. In this work, we report synthesis of epitaxial Mn 3+ x Sn 1− x films with greatly extended compositional range in comparison with that of bulk samples. As Sn atoms are replaced by magnetic Mn atoms, the Kondo effect, which is a celebrated example of strong correlations, emerges, develops coherence, and induces a hybridization energy gap. The magnetic doping and gap opening lead to rich extraordinary properties, as exemplified by the prominent DC Hall effects and resonance-enhanced terahertz Faraday rotation. 
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