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  1. Productivity tracking tools often determine productivity based on the time interacting with work-related applications. To deconstruct productivity’s diverse and nebulous nature, we investigate how knowledge workers conceptualize personal productivity and delimit productive tasks in both work and non-work contexts. We report a 2-week diary study followed by a semi-structured interview with 24 knowledge workers. Participants captured productive activities and provided the rationale for why the activities were assessed to be productive. They reported a wide range of productive activities beyond typical desk-bound work—ranging from having a personal conversation with dad to getting a haircut. We found six themes that characterize the productivity assessment—work product, time management, worker’s state, attitude toward work, impact & benefit, and compound task—and identified how participants interleaved multiple facets when assessing their productivity. We discuss how these findings could inform the design of a comprehensive productivity tracking system that covers a wide range of productive activities. 
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  2. Abstract The COSINE-100 experiment is designed to test the DAMA experiment which claimed an observation of a dark matter signal from an annual modulation in their residual event rate. To measure the 1 %-level signal amplitude, it is crucial to control and monitor nearly all environmental quantities that might systematically mimic the signal. The environmental monitoring also helps ensure a stable operation of the experiment. Here, we describe the design and performance of the centralized environmental monitoring system for the COSINE-100 experiment. 
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