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    We present the results of the UBVIC variability survey in the young open cluster NGC 6611 based on observations obtained during 34 nights spanning one year. In total, we found 95 variable stars. Most of these stars are classified as periodic and irregular pre-main sequence (PMS) stars. The analysis of the JHKS 2MASS photometry and four-colour IRAC photometry revealed 165 Class II young stellar sources, 20 of which are irregular variables and one is an eclipsing binary. These classifications, complemented by JHK UKIDSS photometry and riHα VPHAS photometry, were used to identify 24 candidates for classical T Tauri stars and 30 weak-lined T Tauri stars. In addition to the PMS variables, we discovered eight δ Scuti candidates. None of these were previously known. Furthermore, we detected 17 eclipsing binaries where two were previously known. Based on the proper motions provided by the Gaia EDR3 catalogue, we calculated the cluster membership probabilities for 91 variable stars. For 61 variables, a probability higher than 80 per cent was determined, which makes them cluster members. Only 25 variables with a probability less than 20 per cent were regarded to be non-members.